San Pedro Trichoereus Pachanoi

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The cactus is scientifically called as 'Trichocereus Pachanoi'. It is extremely similar to Peyote. This particular species is a quickly growing columnar that is native to the Andes Mountains at height of nearly 2000 – 300 m. It is also found in Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru.

In areas of the globe where it is legal to do so, the San Pedro cactus has been used as a traditional drug and for religious ceremonies for well over 3000 years. It also has a long history of use in Andean traditional drug. There is also proof of use among the Moche culture for 1000 of years. It has many relatives and can simply be grown from cuttings.


San Pedro is very simple to grow in most areas. It can withstand temperatures that are far chill than many other cacti species. It is very vital to prepare the right growing medium when growing any cacti range. They do not grow in regular soil like other famous plants. I advise either buying an organic cacti potting mix.

Soil preparation

It prefers alkaline soil. They tend to thrive well in a combination of sand, one percent rich soil, and perlite. So basically get whatever dirt would plant your tomatoes in, and include a very little amount of that to raw sand. Then include 20-30% perlite, you are best to go. When cultivating from cuttings you should leave them in a shady region or indirect sunlight at first. You also use peat or coir in the growing medium. Ensure the temperature is hot where the seeds will be germinated. It is a lot simple to make your own compose.

Watering is not truly something you should have to hesitate about with San Pedro cactus. Over-watering in general is the number 1 cause of accidental crop health. Bear in mind, it is easier to grow Trochocereus pachanoi from cutting than from seeds. Bear in mind that once it is established, you do not even need to consider water.

Best season to grow

Under perfect conditions, San Pedr cactus can grow up to eighteen inches per year and will readily shoot off new pups. Frost hardy to approximately 26 degrees Fahrenheit, San Pedo cacti can be raised outdoors all year in zone nine or hotter. Otherwise, it should be kept in medium to big pots that can be moved inside during the winter months. Trichocereus pachanoi can be watered frequently during the warmer months, sometimes as generally as every 2 days if the top inch or two of the soil is dry.